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All sections of Introduction to Microeconomics and Introduction to Macroeconomics

A. Economics outside the textbook. Using a Marshall Jevons murder mystery of your choice illustrate economics outside the textbook. You should also include other sources as well, including but not limited to song lyrics, poems, children's literature, The Wall Street journal, National Public Radio, the BBC, television shows, and movies.

B. To more fully appreciate the role of the entrepreneur and the application of economic principles, students in Microeconomics will read about Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

C. To more fully appreciate macroeconomic data and how that data relates to people, students in Macroeconomics will use Studs Terkel's oral history of the Great Depression, Hard Times and primary source data. You may also use Humans of New York. Data sources will be provided as the course progresses and you are encouraged to visit the library and talk to a reference librarian. If you are unfamiliar with the word library, google it.

The completed paper will be eight to ten pages excluding coversheet, bibliography, tables, and graphs. It should be double spaced, 12 point serif font, 1" margins and include footnotes.

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