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The business idea for this project is a home flipping and remodeling business. LT Properties is a potential business of mine and a table of projected finances needs to be done for the financial part of the project. I have some tips as well if they are needed.

Using your business idea from your Week Two Assignment, write an eight to ten page project paper that addresses the following:


• Business Introduce your business idea.
• Describe the Business type (new business, franchise, operating business) and include rationale.
• Discuss at least two core competencies proposed for achieving competitive advantage.


• Describe the legal structure of your business.
• Present the key owners and members of your management team
• Explain your staffing structure with key positions identified.


• Evaluate your business environment, and identify the major opportunities (and threats).
• Assess your target market and positioning strategy.
• Discuss your communication and promotional.


• Explain the financial requirements for startup or purchase of the business.
• Describe major sources of financing.
• Discuss the budget projections for one year.

Reference no: EM131132163

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