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International Adoption: Strategies and Challenges

Adopting children from countries outside the United States has become an increasingly complex, cumbersome process for United States citizens, as new policies and regulations designed to address historical abuses to adoption practice have been implemented. The complexity of issues surrounding international adoption is further marked by its catalysts, including the prevalence of adoption practices in countries fraught with poor health and hygiene, poverty, and malnutrition. Further, adoption itself can present challenges for the child and his/her family, as issues of language, health, culture, and attachment can be very complex.

The articles and video in this module's Learning Resources present an overview of present day adoption statistics, policies and regulations recently enacted around international adoptions, the outcomes of these policies and regulations, and challenges of language, health, culture, and attachment associated with adoption.

After reviewing each of these Module's resources, consider the following:

The potential impact of the drop in international adoptions, both within the United States and within poverty stricken countries

The roles that UNICEF and the Hague Convention have played in international adoption today, and the impact of new policies and regulations on international adoption

Challenges in the areas of language, health, culture, and attachment and their potential influence on children's healthy development and well-being

Post your response to at least three of the following:

Your perspective on the state of international adoption today

Your view of the complexities involved in international adoption practices, both historically and today

Your perspective of how international adoption practices can impact children's healthy development and well-being

Your thinking, as a global citizen and early childhood advocate, about what we must consider with regard to limiting adoption and the ramifications on poverty-stricken countries, families, and children

Why this information is relevant to your role as a child development professional.

Reference no: EM13758802

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