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All written assignments are to be in 12 pt. Time New Romans font, double spaced, with one inch margins unless otherwise noted.Coversheet and reference page is required. Additionally, all assignments are to utilize the outline format(introduction, including thesis statement, three points, and a conclusion) and follow the 6 Cs as discussed in class.

Please write a 1.5 page persuasive paper pertaining to your thoughts about women in leadership positions. You are to take a side and supply three reasons why women should or should not be in leadership positions either at work or in public office. The thesis should read: The following sections will highlight three reasons why you should believe that women should or should not be in leadership positions..., these are___, ____, and ___. Make sure to provide three points using evidence that supports your argument. You will need at least one citation per point as evidence to add credibility to your argument.In other words, you need a minimum or three citations and corresponding references. You will then need a reference page. References and citations are to be in APA format. Have a separate references page. Your citations and references must be obtained from Ebsco. This is an academic database where you can find credible journal articles written by schollars.

Reference no: EM13855810

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