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The complex nature of business environment management accounting practices (MAPs) have gotten massive attention as being the tool to satisfy managers' needs in the whole process of management accounting in making the right decisions on time to maximise revenue and to minimise costs to secure and maintain their successful business. Consequently, over the last decades several new models of MAPs have emerged, such as activity based costing; target costing, benchmarking and value chain analysis offering major opportunities to satisfy managers' needs in the whole process of planning, controlling, decision making, and performance evaluation in MAPs. Based on the above mentioned facts you need to:

Write a research which include the following:

1. Introduction:

a. brief introduction about managerial accounting and its advantages.

b. In brief, Explore the state of MAPs in Saudi organizations in general, and the state and extent of using modern management accounting techniques in particular in making the right decisions

c. In brief, Explore and examine the factors that may influence MAPs in Saudi organizations.

2. Write literature review for previous studies discussing the managerial accounting topics

a. At least 4 previous studies

b. Upload the studies or at least write the link of the website

3. Study the managerial accounting practises in which is one of the insurance company in Saudi Arabia

a. Write a brief about the company mission, vision, goals, services , products : you can get information from here

b. Write about the financial efficiency of Bupa company and Compare and contrast the financial statement of (Bupa company) for 2 yesrs 2011 and 2012 in terms of managerial accounting principles studied. You can get the financial statement from here

c. Compare management accounting practices/techniques and the factors that influence the use of these practices/techniques in Bupa company.

d. In brief compare the financial efficiency of Bupa company with Tawuniya company which is the largest insurance company in Saudi Arabia. You can get information from here

4. Conclusion

5. Citation and references

Reference no: EM13503632

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