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Forensic and Medicolegal Death investigation Written Presentation and PowerPoint Guidelines

The Written Presentation should be 1500 - 2000 words excluding title page and reference page AND a 5 to 7 slide PowerPoint presentation; excluding the title and reference pages. The presentation will primarily focus on a specific aspect of Medicolegal Death Investigation. Students are to select their own topic from the material covered in the textbook. Students are to request approval of said topic from the instructor no later than the end of Module 2. The Written Presentation and PowerPoint is due in Module 5. The PowerPoint will generally document the overall content of the written presentation and enhance the quality of your work.

Each Written Presentation will be evaluated according to the following dimensions:

Analysis and Interpretation (Al)
Fact Finding (FF)
Logical Development of Ideas (LDI)
Level of Detail (LD) Leadership Presence (LP)
Risk-Taking (RT)
Overall Content of Presentation (OCP)

Post your request approval of said topic from the instructor to the Written Presentation and PowerPoint Topic Discussion Board.

This assignment is re L_q to be scholarly written and must follow the Current American Psychological

Association (APA) format and style. The APA format can be obtained from the Saint Leo Library web site, from the purchase of APA reference materials, or from the commercial purchase of software templates or from the APA web site. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a decrease in your grade.

Reference no: EM131021854

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