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It Takes All Kinds

For thousands of years, people have put one another into multiple categories: different races, nationalities, political allegiances, creeds, economic classes, etc. What is the best way to classify the various people in your life?

Write a well-organized persuasive essay in which you explain the best system of classification for the people in your life and why it is the best. Don't write about ONE class of people, but create a SYSTEM encompassing most / all people you regularly encounter.

Note that you WILL be "docked" during grading for failing to follow the Instructions fully. Among the provisions most often ignored by students are these:
There is no assigned minimum word length for the essay, but it should be a complete essay (not random thoughts on the topic, and not just a few words stating a position).

All of the prompts are designed so that students can write about them without doing any research. No research is required for these essays, and no research is allowed. These essays should develop students' own argument on the topic, using evidence drawn from personal experience or common knowledge.

Reference no: EM131413555

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