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You are expected to write a term paper discussing the ideas, or major idea, of Jeremy Bentham. The term paper will consist of a 8-page paper (type-written with 12 point font, double spaced with one-inch margins) in the Author-Date style of citation. If you are unfamiliar with Author-Date format should consult The Chicago Manual of Style as well as the following website: http://library.williams.edu/citing/styles/chicago2.php.

The paper must show evidence of having consulted academic articles; popular, or lay, periodicals will not be accepted. You may consult Wikipedia, and similar internet sites, to obtain background information, but such sites cannot be used as the basis for the paper.

Examples of appropriate journals would be: History of Political Economy, The Journal of Economic Issues, the Review of Social Economics, The Review of Radical Political Economics, The Cambridge Journal of Economics or the Journal of Economic Literature. You are also strongly encouraged to consult The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics as well as the assigned text and other well-known histories.


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Reference no: EM131077560

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