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1. Summary of the marketing environment (both micro and macro-environmental forces and trends)

2. Detailed description of how the market is (or may be) segmented and a statement of the segment(s) that the organization is targeting.

Reference no: EM13840192

Describe importance and techniques for effective logistics

Describe the importance and techniques for effective logistics. Provide a definition, in your own terms, of frequently used logistics techniques. Give an example of a real com

Prepare an annotated bibliography

Search for a health care topic to use as the basis. The topic must require the application of the research process. Prepare an annotated bibliography consisting of two to thre

Provide a description of this index and its ranking

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is a comparative assessment of integrity performance in a variety of countries. Provide a description of this index and its ranking, in

Find the approach you will use going to measure success

Imagine that you are about to launch a social networking site that will compete with Facebook. You must provide your boss with a marketing strategy. Determine the approach y

Define pest technique with respect to political and economic

Discuss the PEST technique with respect to at least one each of the political, economic, social, and technical factors. Explain how this knowledge could be used in the strat

Number of products sold by the company

Even though this will be only one of a number of products sold by the company, it is necessary to analyse the risk involved in making the decision to go ahead with the new p

Discribe about the factors affecting location

describe the following for each retail establishment listed:a. Type of retail location,b. Factors affecting location (consumer shopping situations),c. What conside

Explain personal branding plan paper

Personal Branding Plan Paper, Summarizes your background and what makes you unique in a 1-paragraph elevator pitch. Identifies 3 to 4 companies you want to work for, and an ex


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