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This deliverable is designed to help you explore ways to assess the actions and motivations of people in organizations to design effective motivational approaches.


Positive leadership is an integral component in your business, motivating employees to achieve the highest level of performance, and creating incentive plans that are effective. Your investors have inquired about your plans to lead high performing work teams.

You decide to write a strategic plan to document your ideas. In this plan, you will determine your leadership style.

Next, evaluate and choose a motivation theory that you feel will be effective. Then create a plan of action for your employees that will address both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. When planning this aspect of your business, be sure to address the points below:

Identify the leadership style you will use to run your company. Explain your reasons for choosing this style. Why will it be effective for your type of business?

Discuss the importance of motivating your employees. Select the motivation theory you will use most often when planning your motivation strategies. Explain your reasoning.

Create a plan of action that you will use to motivate your workforce. The option(s) you choose to present your plan of action may vary, but be sure to provide examples of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators.

Reference no: EM132280821

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