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Assignment: Policemen of the World Thesis and Outline

After the Civil War and by the mid-20th century, the United States had become the dominant force in international relations. Some have argued that the United States' military functions as the world's "police." This assignment covers the manner in which this shift occurred and the consequences the United States faces as a result of its status as "policemen of the world." Using the Internet, research two real-life international incidents from the past five years in which:

1. The U.S. used military action abroad.

2. Controversy existed within the American public regarding U.S. involvement.

3. Controversy existed within the country or countries affected by U.S. involvement.

For the first part of this assignment you will create a thesis statement. A thesis statement is usually a single sentence somewhere in your first paragraph that presents your main idea to the reader. The body of the essay organizes the material you gather and present in support of your main idea. Keep in mind that a thesis is an interpretation of a question or subject, not the subject itself. (Note: Please consult the Purdue OWL Website with tips on how to construct a proper thesis.

For the next part of this assignmentyou will create an outline of the main points you want to address in this paper. This will serve as the basis for your Assignment Final Draft.

Part 1

1. Write a thesis statement that is one to two sentences long in which you:

a. State your opinion on the significance of the two real-life international incidents that you have researched. Justify your response.

Part 2

2. Write a one to two page outline in which you:

a. Determine two to three international events from the past five years that can be traced back to a foreign policy created after the Civil War.

b. List three aspects of US history since 1865 that has led to the US's rise as a world super power policeman.

c. List three to five international incidents since World War II where America has taken on a policing role.

d. List three to five driving forces that fueled international policy decisions involving the international incidents you outlined previously. (Consider treaties, exit strategies, elections, wars, etc.)

5. Use at least three quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.

Reference no: EM13739633

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