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Write a simple direct export business plan, detailing the following information with SPECIFIC DETAILS relevant to the country to which you are exporting. (You pick the country) You must demonstrate that you understand the country, the market (customers), the logistics and costs of getting your product to that market, and how to market to those customers taking cultural differences into account. Be specific!

1. Why your company should export its products. Is your domestic market saturated? Is there a significant sized market in other countries?

2. Country to which you want to export - where it is geographically.

3. Whether there is a trade agreement with that country (what is it? how does it affect you?).

4. Why you think people or businesses there want your product (justify the demand).What cultural differences affect this need/want?

5. Your Schedule B code.

6. Any export regulations or licenses that apply to your product.

7. Method of export (transportation) - HOW are you going to get your product to the final consumer? Track the product from your production plant all the way to the customer in the other country.

8. Whether and through whom you will get transportation and credit insurance.

Reference no: EM131369765

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