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Research Paper: Sentence Outline

I will be doing my research paper on the artist Jackson Pollock. My interest is not only about his a personal struggles with alcohol but to learn more about his techniques within his paintings. The reason why most of his creations are do also would like to research about how was his transition into drip paintings from his earlier work?

Research Paper: Sentence Outline :

An outline is a road map; it provides direction. A sentence outline, which is composed of complete sentences, can be very helpful when writing an essay because many of the sentences used in the outline can become the essay's topic sentences.

Because this is a sentence outline, you should not write an outline whose entries are single words, short phrases, sentence fragments, or questions. Every entry must be a complete declarative sentence of the sort which might actually appear in your research paper.

Outline Format:

•Place the essay's thesis statement at the top of the outline.

•Most outlines contain three or four levels of detail (although more levels may be used if the writer wishes).

•The format for this assignment uses Roman numerals for the main, or largest, divisions of the outline (level one). Capital letters indicate the sub-levels of the main divisions (level two). Arabic numerals indicate the sub-levels of the capital-letter sections (level three). Lower-case letters indicate the sub-levels of Arabic-numeral sections (level four).

Outline Rules:

•The Rule of Pairs: If you have a I, you must have a II; if you have an A, then you must have a B; if you have a 1, then you must have a 2, and so on.

•Different sections of the outline may have different levels of detail. Give each section the amount of detail it requires.

•Indent each successive level of the outline three spaces, and maintain even internal margins throughout the outline.

•Double-space between all headings in the outline (or double-space the whole outline and triple-space between headings).

Reference no: EM13967380

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