Write a research paper about economic growth=
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Research Paper.

Research paper should be between 2 and 3 pages. 12pt Double space.

No Footnotes but a Bibliography is required. i.e. where you received information from - possible sources include: online sources, newspapers, magazines, books, research papers etc. etc.

(For Example)


Aharoni,Y. 1966. The Foreign Investment Decision Process. Harvard University Press, Boston.

John, Doe. 2010. Trade With China. New York Times. January 21, P.7.

Research methods: research paper basically mean that students are conducting research again (re: means again). But what is important in your

Search are the methods employed, the data and your personal conclusion which is yours and should be unique.

1. Introduction - state the problem
2. Body research - problem, data, information
3. Cite other authors - point view, methods research
4. Conclusion - your perspective - based on research


1. Economic Growth
2. Stock market -current
3. Perfect Competition

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