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Write a 6 page report (cover page and references page not included in total page count).

Scenario: What is the job of your dreams and the company where you would like to work (Note: it can be a real company).

Your report should address the following:

Human Resource planning, recruiting, selection and hiring functions.

Organize the report as follows:


A brief presentation of the organization and an introduction to the job you plan to get or would like to have (the job of your dreams).

Main Body

An overview of HRM Recruitment function and its relationship to the strategic plan of the organization (in cooperation with management)

Job analysis and job description (of the job of your dreams) 1 / 2

Selection planning based on identified company needs and job analysis

Interviewing and selection criteria and process


Summary of the main points

Writing Guidelines APA format required Write a formal report in third person Include 4-5 references from the Touro library (cited each at least once). Please use the APA style for referencing, in text, as well as to format the list of references.

Reference no: EM131315889

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