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a. The student will write a one page report/outline after viewing one 30 minute news program. Be prepared to discuss one 24 hour news cycle (television and print news coverage) related to health and aging topics. (The lack of inclusion of aging issues is also of interest! Write what was reported on and instead of health & Aging issues!)

b. The student will select one day and watch one national news program (30 minutes in length) on TV (including commercials). (7-9 a.m. programs or 6:30 p.m. all major networks offer National News Programming.) UT has a TV turned to CNN all day everyday behind Starbucks in the Student Union if you do not have cable TV at home.

c. The Student will read one national newspaper cover to cover and write a one page outline on what health related topics are found. Be prepared to discuss topics found and not found! Be sure to look for how many, if any, articles are found related to health and/or aging related topics? Did the publication or news show list the sources of data utilized in the reporting? Additionally the student will provide a short (one to two page) examination (outline format is fine) of the method of presentation, examine and record the amount of time dedicated to a story and placement of the story in the newscast or newspaper (back page vs. front page). How much time was spent on commercials or advertisements, weather, sports?

Reference no: EM131335770


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