Write a position about amazons impact on social structure

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For this paper, write a position (opinion based on research to back your opinion) about Amazon's impact on the social structure, including in the impact on Criminal Justice, going forward. This requires some predictive thinking and we know that nobody has a crystal ball.

Your job will be to justify your opinions with research that you do independently that is not media entertainment, but more solid research that is available.

Go beyond Amazon's shopping and streaming, even though you may include that, and consider its long-term footprint on our social condition.

This paper requires the following:

APA format, in text references and references on separate page

Three independent sources (remember you may always use legit interviews)

Approx 3 pages (remember- no fluff and no omission)

Double space:12pt font

pages numbered and the name on each page

NOT required: running head. cover page, T of C , abstract

Reference no: EM132280471

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