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Prepare a 3 page minimum, double spaced paper. This paper will be based on Chapter description of your Organizational Project Paper. The paper will highlight your EFE & IFE matrix preparations & analysis combined with your SWOT evaluation; discussing how and why you arrived at the two alternative strategy choices you evaluated in the QSPM. The goal of all your assignments was to get to one final QSPM strategic implementation alternative which you will be prepared to forward to decision makers for systematically improving the organization or department you are profiling. Summarize the benefits you predict this alternative strategy will accomplish for your organization and the potential pitfalls/drawbacks that may be experienced if this strategy is not implemented. You may draw upon your readings to substantiate your evaluation and conclusions.


Reference no: EM13821495

Briefly explain the influence of governance and ethics

Discuss International Strategy. Discuss Strategic Implementation. Explain the influence of Governance and Ethics. Discuss the Company Social Value. Discuss Innovation and Dive

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Complete a personal SWOT analysis evaluating your understanding and skills - A SWOT graph with bullet-points defining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a

Swott analysis of the organization

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Create and share a list of the top 3 things

Create and share a list of the top 3 things you hope to find in a chair, and the top 6 characteristics you hope to find between your 2 committee members. Explain your choices.

What type of organizational structure works best

What type(s) of organizational structure works best with an innovation strategy? Discuss what you think about the potential pitfalls (or weaknesses) of such organizational st

Current method of funding for highways

Funding Highways. In 200 - 250 words assess the current method of funding for highways. In addition, include your opinion of fairness as it relates to the trucking industry.


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