Write a paper on palm industries in saudi arabia

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Write a paper on Palm industries in saudi arabia

Present status and future prospects of dates and dates

Palm industries in saudi arabia

The paper highlights the present status of the-dates business, in terms of industry structure and its attractiveness. Problems encountered by the various modern packaging and processing plants were summarized. Hindrances related to plant machinery and the special nature of the date fruit were given. Future prospects of dates and date palm industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the role of government in setting-strategies and incentives for the development and promotion of the dates and date palm industries have been also included.

Strategic option to generate high profit revenues by these plant have been recommended. Such strategies include the importance for these industries to attain cost leadership through high production volume, completive sourcing of raw materials, marketing differentiation by branding, advertising, good distribution and continuous market research. Supplementation of the existing plants with downstream products to avoid the seasonality of dates in the market by manufacturing dates derivatives round the year were also advised. Products including date paste, date syrup and vinegar were recommended. Promising technologies for utilization of dates palm residues such as arabesque manufacture from palm fronds, paper pulp industries and cottage industries e.g. handicrafts for rural development have been included. For efficient utilization of research findings, the study finally illustrates the importance of cooperation and coordination of the existing date processing plants with research centers and universities involved in conducting research on various aspects of dates processing and date palm residues.

Industrial research and development (R &D)

For better utilization of research findings by food research and engineering departments of the Saudi universities, it will be advisable to establish a coordinating scientific committee between researchers and dates investors of the private sector.

The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KAACST), presently acts as the financial authority and link between private sector and researchers. The King Faisal University's palm and dates research centre is undertaking extensive research programmes to improve the date palm and diversify products from dates.

For the last three decades, active research has been initiated by the Saudi universities and research centers supported financially by (KAACST), Riyadh. For future development of dates and date palm industries and to explore new products and derivatives, scientific research centres should undertake new horizons for applied research in the following areas:

1 To explore technical problems arising during production and marketing of the existing factories and to find out solution through applied research taken by these department. Areas of research may involve, stickness problems, prevention of skin crackness, improving marketability of dates and their wholesomeness by glazing and skin coating, storage and shelf life of the date products.

2 Innovation for new product development may be initiated for development of date meals based on traditional dishes used in Saudi Arabia such as Marees, Honaini and Bogaita. Research may include their quality improvement in terms of product fortification, nutritive value, good packaging and prolongation of its storage life.

3 Incorporation of dates and their products (syrup, shredds, paste) in breakfast meals, moesli food, frozen products i.e. ice cream, yogurt, etc.

4 Addition of dates as ingredients/or substitute for sugar in sauces, and ketchup formula.

5 Production of dates powder and its performance as potential source in baby food, pre-mix cake powder.

6 Development of special meals in which dates are main ingredient to be suited for institutions, hospitals, army, emergencies, etc.

7 Explore research on the potential of immature dates in their green or red/yellow color stages of maturity as a source of polyphenols. These group of compounds have been recently used in U.S.A as antioxidant in fruit juices and processed ground beef at a level of 0.02% by weight(9).

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Reference no: EM13899848

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