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This paper is called a Jury paper. This is related to Experimental psychology. This paper needs to be 8-10 pages double-spaced in APA format.

This paper needs to entail a brief introduction, detailed methods and a brief discussion and results sections. This paper is describing data collected by my group.

The paper needs drawing statistics tables and figures and knowing hot to label them. The paper must be written using Psychological terms! My group is using a 2 by 2 ANOVA. In this paper there must have a 1 T-test, 2 Main effects and 1 ANOVA.

The statistics part must be verbally written in the "results section". Our hypothesis was not supported because there is a lack of implication. The P-value does not need to be reported, you only require stating whether it was greater or less than .05. The 1 table and 1 graph my paper should have must be drawn out and labeled. In the results section where the statistics are, they must be explained in Laymen's term.

Referencing style: APA format

Reference no: EM134317

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