Write a paper on disaster response planning

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You will write a paper on disaster response planning. Your paper will be a case study of a disaster response of your choosing, although there will be no duplicate topics, so submit your proposed topic early. In this study you will examine the planning which was done (or not done) by one level of government (usually a local government), and then see how that planning affected the response and recovery from the disaster.

Assignment Requirements:

1. A cover or title page with your name on it.

2. Labeled topical headings (e.g., Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, etc.)

Length: The report must contain a body of text approximating 2,000 typed words (about 8 pages double-spaced, 12 point font), excluding cover, abstract, illustrations, graphs, table of contents, appendices, and reference pages.

Reports significantly below or above the parameters will be downgraded. Please note that abstract, illustrations, graphs, table of contents, appendices are NOT required but if you do use them, they do not count as part of the body of text for length assessment.

A reference page containing a minimum of five (5) course-external resources used and cited in the report.

Written in APA Style.

Reference no: EM131243873

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