Write a paper on an analyze of a speech of your choice

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Write a three page paper on an analyze of a speech of your choice

Choose a speech you can find online. It can be a speech done by a musician, actor, political figure, or anyone that presents a speech which is at least 5 minutes in length. You will write a 3 page paper (more pages are fine, less is not fine) in which you analyze this speech. Papers should be formatted with 1 inch margins, 12 point Arial font, double-spaced and include your name, course section number and the URL for the speech at the top of your paper. There is no need to use sources other than your textbook and you do not need to develop a source list for this assignment. Simply describe the elements below (in addition to any others you may choose to discuss) and demonstrate your mastery of the speaking concepts. Submit this as a DOC, PDF or RTF file.

Elements to discuss can include but are not limited to the following:

• Eye contact & delivery style
• Use of humor, data or visual aids
• Organization and development of ideas
• Introduction and conclusion
• Relevance and credibility
• Informative or persuasive ideas.

Reference no: EM131349021

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