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You are the Special Assistant to the President of the United States (POTUS). He has asked you to write a briefing paper on a topic related to American Government. The topic can be taken from a newspaper article, journal article or other periodical. Your goal is to give him the information about the issue and to convince him of your position.

When writing the paper, please introduce the topic in the first section of your paper. The body of the paper should contain the pertinent information that you want to convey - basically give me both sides of the issues. In the conclusion, summarize the major points of the paper and give your recommendation to POTUS.

There is no page limit to the paper. You should give POTUS enough information that covers the topic. It should be doubled spaced with regular spacing and margins. Use 10 pitch fonts. You are not required in the paper to footnote sources, however if you quote from a text, you must footnote the sources. If you use more than one source, please include a bibliography.

Reference no: EM132280084

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