Write a paper about the marriage still matters

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Write a paper about The Marriage still matters.

For the research paper, you will be synthesizing what you have learned throughout this course and interacting with various scholarships on your chosen topic.

Selecting a Topic:

You can select any topic that is discussed throughout the course, but you will want to select your topic early as many of your assignments throughout the course can be directed to help you develop your research idea. The sooner you select your topic of research, the more time you will have to research and compose your paper.

Researching Your Topic:

You must use at least 8 scholarly sourcesin your paper, of which 3 must be articles. Your course textbooks may count as 2 of your 8 sources, but be sure that you do not weigh the paper down with information from the textbook. The majority of your research should come from other sources.

Writing the Paper:

The final research paper will be 7-8-pages long (not including the bibliography), focusing on a topic or issue discussed during the course. The paper should very clearly identify your topic and the argument of your paper in a strong thesis sentence, and the rest of the paper should build upon that thesis sentence. Be sure to correctly format the paper in Turabian style.

You will need to provide a complete, correctly formatted bibliography of resources with your paper.

Finishing the Paper:

Be sure to edit your paper for clarity of ideas, grammar, spelling, and punctuation before submitting. Submit the paper as a MS Word file.

Reference no: EM131111515

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