Write a paper about sex trafficking of children in the us
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Write a paper about Sex Trafficking of Children in the United States.

I can send you the example paper the instructor gave us if that would be helpful, I can upload it where I did the other one hank you for your response. Here are some of the sources I have been using for my assignments:


Varma, S., Gillespie, S., McCracken, C., & Greenbaum, V. J. (2015). Characteristics of child commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking victims presenting for medical care in the United States. Child abuse & neglect, 44, 98-105.

Beck, M. E., Lineer, M. M., Melzer-Lange, M., Simpson, P., Nugent, M., & Rabbitt, A. (2015). Medical providers' understanding of sex trafficking and their experience with at-risk patients. Pediatrics, 135(4), e895-e902.

Greenbaum, J., Crawford-Jakubiak, J. E., Christian, C. W., Flaherty, E. G., Leventhal, J. M., Lukefahr, J. L., & Sege, R. D. (2015). Child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation: health care needs of victims. Pediatrics,135(3), 566-574.

Muraya, D. N., & Fry, D. (2015). Aftercare Services for Child Victims of Sex Trafficking A Systematic Review of Policy and Practice. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 1524838015584356.

Orme, J., & Ross-Sheriff, F. (2015). Sex trafficking: policies, programs, and services. Social work, swv031.

Movie Playground on Netflix : http://www.traffickingproject.org/2009/03/film-playground.html

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