Write a paper about picassos blue periodthe old guitarist
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Topic: Picasso's Blue Period/ "The Old Guitarist"

Main Points: 1. Early life / 2.Early Career / 3. Blue Period: "The Old Guitarist"

Basic Guidelines:

You are to create a five paragraph essay: Intro, Body 1, Body 2, Body 3, and Conclusion. You must create a clear and defined thesis as well as using "direct quotes" from the provided source in each body paragraph to illustrate the information you have discovered. There must be clear topic sentences for each body paragraph. You must comment on the quotes and explain their significance in relation to the main idea (Picasso/ Blue Period). You must have an MLA works cited. Note: Your quotations must include parenthetical citations {(Blum 267)}. This paper should be 2-4 pages and should both inform the reader as well as explainthe significance of Picasso's early work in the blue period.

Body Notes:

{Main Point/Body 1: Early Life):

1. Topic Sentence: {make sure and tie it in with the main idea}

Ex. Picasso moved frequently during his early life.

2. Insert the Quote: Ex. " His gradual transformation from adolescent to adult was manifested in change in his personal and artistic identity.." (Blum 270).

3. Comment on the quote: {use "keywords" from the quote and relate them to the main point}

Ex. Picasso was finding that this "gradual transformation" was allowing him to evolve as an artist.

Main point: early life/ early career/ blue period "the old guitarist

Title: Picasso's Guitarist

I. Introduction:

~ What'S: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How * (Include Who/ What/ When/ Where in your Intro Paragraph)
~ General Statements * (About Picasso/ How paintings effect the viewer/ What Blue Period communicates...)
~ Quote:

" The Blue Period paintings are now recognized as an important innovative phase in the evolution of Picasso's art. Particular attention, from a psychoanalytic perspective..." (Blum 267).

~THESIS: *(Must include our 3 main points: Early Life (Picasso), Early Career (Picasso), and "The Old Guitarist" (Blue Period)....)

II. Body 1 (early life):

1- topic sentence: Picasso's early life was unsettled as he moved " back and forth"in Europe. (Picasso was a transient.)[First direct quote]

2- " his gradual transformation form a adolescence to adult was manifested change in his personal and artistic identity "(blum270). [Second direct quote]

3. Picasso was going through a "gradual transition "and evolving as an artist. [Third direct quote]

4. While traveling in Europe Picasso was able explore his emotions and discover his "early" artistic ability. [Fourth direct quote]

II. Body 2 (Early career)

1. Topic sentence: Picasso early work started with the "blue period " and other great painters influenced him.

2. "While Picasso pursued his own artistic path he assimilated the work of other masters, such as Cezanne, Gauguin, Lautrec, van Gogh, munch, and others. (Blum270). [Second direct quote]

3. His tendency to use the work of "other masters" allowed him to develop as an individual artist. [Third direct quote]

4. Other 20th century painters helped shaped the blue period [Fourth direct quote]

III. Body 3 (blue periods "the old guitarist"):

Choose four quotes from the article by yourself and do the same thing like the other bodies.


1- restates main idea.
2.restate your thesis
3 summarize your paper
4. How does Picasso's work affect you (emotionally)? Do you reflect on one of your own experiences? What does the painting communicate to you?

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