Write a page analysis report on the ponemon institute study

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Write a 5 page analysis report on the Ponemon Institute study:

2016 Cost of Data Breach Study:Global Analysis

In your analysis, please answer the following questions:

Were you surprised to learn about the magnitude of the breaches? If yes or no, please explain why?

Make at least three recommendations to reduce the magnitude of the breaches based on the listed root causes of data breaches

The root causes of data breaches:

Most data breaches were caused by malicious or criminal attacks.

48 percent of incidents involved a malicious or criminal attack,

25 percent were caused by negligent employees or contractors (human factor) and,

27percent involve system glitches that includes both IT and business process failures.

Write your own conclusion and opinion about the study and the findings.

This paper will be APA format and the five pages do not include the title and reference pages.


Reference no: EM131427696

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