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Write Threat Assessment:

You are to assume the role of a CIA intelligence analyst who is putting together the agency's input (on your specific topic) for the DNI's Annual Threat Assessment which will be presented to Congress. Specifically, you are providing input on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP): a militant Islamic group with links to AQ primarily based in Yemen and Saudi Arabia that is of national security interest to senior policy makers.

You have been tasked by your supervisor to write a one page Executive Summary and a 5-7 page threat assessment on the terrorist organization currently of interest to the U.S.

I would like you to use APA's Parenthetical Citation Method and have a Bibliography at the end.

This means that for any information that isn't your own original ideas/work, you'll need to cite the source and page number in parentheses at the end of the relevant sentences.

You will also need to have a bibliography at the end with at least six different sources (and at least 3 different types of sources-books, journals, websites, interviews, news and radio shows, etc...DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA).

Additionally, at least one of the sources must come from either the terrorist organization itself or the country in which it is based. The vast majority of terrorist organizations have their own websites.

Reference no: EM131104808

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