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Narrative-Descriptive Essay

Write a narrative-descriptive essay, appr. 3 pages (no more than 4), of an event or experience of great importance to you-which, in fact, changed your life or your view of life. Type and double-space both rough and final drafts, and include name, "Essay #2: Narrative-Descriptive" and draft number in the upper right corner. Follow MLA format (see esp. CC 601-604). For information on narration and description, see CC 119-149. Also see the Moodle doc, "Process of Writing Narr.-Descr. Essay."

The topic might be 1) an event that you set out to do and did, such as a trip; 2) an experience which unexpectedly happened to you; or 3) it could involve a person who has been important in your life (if so, focus upon one story or memory (or a couple) that best illustrates that importance); To achieve this purpose, you will need to do two things in this essay, basically: narrating a story and showing/explaining/interpreting why or how it changed your life or viewpoint.

Consider it also to be a descriptive essay. Tell your story with rich, sensory details and concrete description-of place, event, people, and your feelings at various points in the story. Fill your paragraphs with specific, concrete facts. "Show" rather than tell your main idea; it should emerge from your description.

The grade will be based upon 1) Use of narrative features (structure, transitions, time signals, introduction, conclusion, climax); 2) Quality of description; 3) Effective communication of the significance of the event in your life; 4) Effective introduction and conclusion; 5) Sentences in an active and natural voice and a concise, clear style; Paragraphs (topic sentence, development, unity, coherence/structure); and 6) Accurate diction, grammar, and mechanics

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Structure the essay according to time sequence, including a beginning, middle, and end, and use time signals and transitions to help the reader follow the progress. Include an introduction paragraph or two which contains a hook, the thesis statement, and all the background information the reader needs in order to get the most out of your narrative. The thesis statement for this essay, unlike others, can be suggestive of the main idea rather than complete and explicit-Story readers like to fully realize the main point through the story rather than to be hit over the head with it in par. 1. Include a conclusion which summarizes the impact on your life and restates the main idea.

Write in unified paragraphs. Each paragraph should have one focus and purpose, such as one event, one phase or stage of the overall event, a particular moment, a period of time, or description of someone or something. You must include a topic sentence for each paragraph, but, like the thesis statement, narrative topic sentences do not need to be extensive; they often merely signal the new focus or purpose in a few words.

Reference no: EM131443245

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