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Modern Arabic Literature

Term paper:

Write a 2000-2500 word-paper using one of the theories studied this semester and academic conventions to discuss, in consultation with me, a theme selected from the assigned novels, The Sand Fish; Lion Mountain; Waiting in the future for the past to come from a theoretical perspective of your choice.


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The novel, “The Sand Fish”, by MahaGargash is a novel in connection with the reader of era that was in existence in the past but is currently going to be extinct (Gargash, 2009). While going through the history, while diving deeper in the misery faced by humans while wandering across the darkness, the author has been successful in rooting a story that can be connected with easily, staying little short of being touched (Tijani, 2014). The story is about a young woman, Noora living in a small tribe in the mountain, depicting the era of 1950s. The woman has been shown as the personality with the thought of independence that was endangered in a moment.

The novel has described the social background of Arab area in the years of 1950s, showing that women had no power for taking their own decision. Noorawas sent away out of a contract marriage by her brother as a youngest and the third wife of a wealthy merchant of pearls, after the death of her mother and after senility was descended on her father (Ahmad, 2013).

As a thesis statement, the social background of Arab area as depicted in the novel, “The Sand Fish”, can be literary analysed by the use of Marxist theory stating that women had no authority for taking their own decisions in the era of arranged marriages. This essay will focus on proving this thesis statement.

The character of Noora has been created in an interesting manner, with other characters of Jassem and Yakoota, the slave girl. The author purely focuses on maintaining a realistic feel in the entire story. The author, however, commits the sin of compromise across a number of different characters, with an attempt of portraying the bad side and good side of almost every character for weakening and strengthening the characters in a significant manner.

Maha, the author of “The Sand Fish” has completely justified the story from that era of history. Prior to the rise of Modern United Arab Emirates and its wealth of oil, the population of Arab area were found to trade in pearly in majority, and settling their lifestyle with mountain goats and camels (Ahmad, 2013). They were found living in small huts, in the absence of any air conditioning.

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    PH1- this lead to the lack of choice .. For example.....etc and extents PH2-in the novel this can cause Norah not to have power..... Etc... Extents PH3- this show the power of men over women at that time...etc PH4 ....... Off course all of this should be by different sources and the novel then explanation with different ideas and examples. There are a lot of topics you can use as introduction and then extents ( feminism) Ok dear i am witting you please i need tomorrow

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    Do you have a clear Subject . Is it possible to operate in a novel The sand fish ? i need excellent assignment please dear because i have more assignment after finish this . There is no need to point that this is the introduction, thesis statement , and conclusion. Just they have to be separated by paragraphs. What I need is not the analysis of the novel or using theories. What I need is for example like this: Introduction: life of the writer , information, how is the novel connected to her or her life, general idea that should be the thesis and then the body paragraphs extends this thesis statement. FOR EXAMPLE : The thesis statement is about how the theme or the idea of arranged marriage is clear through the novel. Then the body paragraphs should encourage this idea by MAYBE.

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