Write a memo to attach to the agenda for a team meeting

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Building Teams and Resolving Conflict

Individual Project 3- 4 paragraphs

Imagine that you are the team leader for a project at work. Your team has been assigned with opening a new market in Canada. A few items have been shipped already, but the delivery time is too long because of what appears to be paperwork problems with customs. You have already received complaints from your representatives. This problem needs to be resolved quickly, or the company will be placed in a difficult position and may lose the opportunity to be successful in opening this market.

With this situation in mind, address the following:

Write a memo to attach to the agenda for a team meeting.

State the issues you know of.

Request that the team members come with ideas so this problem can be resolved at the meeting and implemented immediately.

Discussion Board 3-6 paragrphs

There are many different types of teams found in the workplace. However, no matter what label is assigned to the team, there are still fundamentals that make the team successful. The highest performing team is committed to a common goal and purpose as well as each individual's success and personal growth.

With that in mind, consider the following question that you get from a protégé you are mentoring:

We have various work groups on the plant floor. Some seem to work better together than others.

Why is that?

Use the library and Internet to research this topic so you can answer the question.

Reference no: EM131208674

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