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You have been asked to think about and adopt a business idea for the purposes of this module and its assessment process. Your first assignment was a feasibility study based on this business idea.

In order to drive the concept forward you are required to write a formal business plan on behalf of this business that will ensure its success. Success can be measured in different ways and you must identify your criteria for success.

An example might be the securing of finance for a particular project; another might be the achievement of certain operational objectives. The Plan will therefore have a wide readership and must include sufficient information to satisfy this broad range of different interests.

The Plan must be presented in an acceptable format and include research-based information. Although the Business may be make-believe, you are required for the purposes of this assignment to base your assumptions on ascertainable facts.

While it is difficult to be prescriptive as to the length of a document such as this, it is unlikely that you will be able to complete an acceptable plan in fewer words than 5,000.

In addition, it is expected that you furnish an appendix incorporating financial projections. Further details of the assignment's requirements will be discussed at lectures.

This assignment asks you to research and to write a formal business feasibility analysis based on your business innovation, idea or opportunity. It may be a family business, which you are taking over, a franchise that you are intending to buy or a completely new venture.

This feasibility analysis will then provide a sound basis for your full business plan. The maximum word-count for the assignment is 2000 words.

The feasibility analysis should include:

1. The business idea

2. Industry related issues

3. Target market and customer related issues

4. Founder (s) related issues

5. Financial issues

6. Overall business potential

Reference no: EM132184100

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