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Write a document showcasing the 4 "rhetorical moves" for your team's design project. Use "4Rhetorical HW Samples" as a reference for what is expected of this assignment.

4 "Rhetorical Moves" Homework: SAMPLE A

The roadway intersection at Birch Avenue and Leroux Street has the same intersection geometry as other nearby intersections in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. Leroux Street is a two-way road with stop control at the intersection of Birch Avenue; Birch Avenue is an uncontrolled, two-lane one-way road with heavier average daily traffic.According to a network screening conducted by the City of Flagstaff, the intersection of Birch Avenue and Leroux Street has an estimated collision rate of 2.1 collisions per every million entering vehicles. This estimated collision rate is greater than the industry standard acceptable collision rate of 1.0 collisions (or less) per million entering vehicles. Due to a collision rate of 2.1, the City of Flagstaff has identified Birch Avenue and Leroux Street as the most dangerous intersection within the network screening study limits. If Birch Avenue and Leroux Street do not undergo the redesign process, the intersection will continue experiencing a high collision rate that could potentially cause economic and physical harm to intersection users.To improve overall safety while also maintaining traffic efficacy, the Team reviewed traffic engineering industry guidelines and the City of Flagstaff's standards and policies. The Team also conducted a warrant analysis to mitigate the City of Flagstaff's legal liability, and completed a cost analysis to meet the City's budgetary needs.  Based on this research, the Team recommends an "all-way stop" as the most appropriate and feasible design solution.  Other potential, secondary design solutions include a roundabout or traffic signal.

Common Ground |Destabilizing Condition| Costs & Benefits| Main Point

4 "Rhetorical Moves" Homework: SAMPLE B

The roadway intersection at Birch Avenue and Leroux Street is an intersection in Flagstaff, Arizona, and is similar to other intersections in nearby downtown Flagstaff.  The intersection is a very popular one. However, the intersection features a collision rate of over double the industry standard for acceptable collision rates, meaning that the intersection is the most dangerous intersection according to a network screening. If the intersection is not redesigned, it will continue to be very dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. Therefore, to address this issue, the Team recommends an "all-way stop" as the best solution.  The Team also recommends a roundabout or traffic signal.  

Common Ground |Destabilizing Condition| Costs & Benefits| Main Point

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