Write a describing why you chose four members of your team

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Plan a meeting: Decide who to invite and plan the meeting objectives and desired outcome of the meeting. If you are planning a virtual meeting address the pros and cons of holding the meeting virtually.


The marketing communications department has outgrown their space in the corporate office. You've been asked to put together a team to design optimal work facilities for the department's newly leased space in a neighboring building. You have four months before the lease begins to put your plan together. You many choose four other people from the company to be on your team. For this assignment, create the names of the people you choose. Assume that you know each person and can explain why you chose them. You can base your descriptions on real people that you know if you wish.

Part 1: Write a short paragraph briefly describing why you chose the four members of your team. Did you choose based on MBTI, past work history, emotional intelligence, office politics, ability to work on a team, or some other reason? There are no wrong answers. The objective of the assignment is to be aware of why you chose the group for your team and to be able to articulate your reasons for choosing them.

Part 2: Write the agenda for the first meeting launching the new team. Include the date, time, place of the meeting. Include a brief description of the members' roles and responsibilities. Clarify the intended outcome of the meeting. Project a positive ethos in the meeting invitation.


*Criteria for choosing members should be well explained

*Meeting Invitation Basics

**Time, Date, Place

**Desired meeting outcome/goals

**Team members' roles and responsibilities, prep needed

*Invitation Projects Positive Ethos

**Positive language

**No grammatical and/or spelling errors

**Organized and readable



**Time estimates


**Person responsible

**Instructions for post meeting follow-up.

Reference no: EM131245141

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