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Your group's assignment is to write a Business Project Proposal for a small or a medium size organization that has a business need to implement a new ERP system.

The proposed ERP system will be an integral component of the overall system of this organization. We prefer that you research and propose popular ERP systems/models in the market (e.g. MS Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, etc.) as long as you can support your rationale.

A successful project will always address the fact that ERP systems, if implemented successfully, can bestow impressive strategic, operational, and information-related benefits to adopting firms.

A failed implementation can often spell financial doom. The project is a vehicle for applying the concepts and techniques learned in the course. The project may be an ongoing project, an anticipated project, a desired project, or a simulated project.

Working as a team in your group promotes participation and interaction by allowing the opportunity to share knowledge, teach, and learn from each other. Your business proposal should include the following sections:

1. Executive Summary Write a summary that is well written and has a clear idea of the organization and a general idea of the structure of the ERP system to be implemented.

2. ERP Structure Discuss and clearly identify the general characteristics of the organization, as well as the proposed ERP system. All characteristics should be clearly described and justified with details and examples.

Please create and address the following sections:

- Current IS structure

- Need for an ERP

- Proposed ERP (including modules) and Rationale

- Proposed ERP architecture

- Proposed Development and Implementation Strategy

- ERP Components and Database Requirements

- Proposed Organizational and Process Change

3. Additional Requirements ? References: Clearly identify references provided for facts, research, and other materials that were not originated by you. All citations and references must be formatted properly in current APA format throughout the paper.

An appropriate number of references should be used.

Inclusion of Figures and Tables: This material is to be integrated throughout Sections 2.

It should not be a separate or independent section of your paper unless the material is oversized and in that case may be included in the Appendices

Reference no: EM13739231

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