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Case Study Application: Motivational Factors Influencing Teams

Leadership methods, organizational role systems, and employee attitudes significantly impact organizational culture. Employee motivation and team performance are directly related to organizational success, making it essential for organizational leaders to balance employee satisfaction and profitable production. However, organizations may sometimes need to change existing role systems in order to meet organizational goals. This change may create stress on employee relationships and team dynamics. As an agent of change, which motivational factors do you think are important to consider when implementing changes? Which strategies can you use to positively influence employees and team members?

To prepare:

• Review this week's Learning Resources.

• Read "Activity 5-2: The Slade Plating Department Case."

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief description of the background factors that are important in understanding the emergent role system that is developed in the plating room. Using Exhibit 6 (pg. 129), which shows the various subgroups that developed in the plating room, discuss why the Sarto and Clark subgroups are the two most important. What are the characteristics that probably account for group membership in each of these two groups? Then, list the norms of the emergent role system that developed in this case. Finally, identify the most critical problem at the Slade Plating Department and provide some alternate solutions for it.

Reference no: EM132280836

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