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Submit an Annotated Bibliography of 5 sources from your working bibliography. First, put the source in the correct citation format for your particular curricular division, and then write a brief annotation of that source. The annotation should describe the main ideas covered in the source as well as an evaluation by you for the source''s usefulness for your project.

The bibliography has to contain books that covers:

The main concern of my topic is the safety of Motor Carriers on the road that directly affect financial costs as well as personal costs while they are operating shipping vehicles. When I say safety I am referencing crashes that causes injuries or fatalities.

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The report is 5 annotated bibliographic sources of safety management regarding to on road vehicle safety. Some of the sources provided information on the safety management practices, some of the sources on the indifference to the safety audit and related testimonials. Other discussion is related to the adoption of technologies to combat accident risk. Human factors like driver fatigue and accident risk is also discussed in one of the sources cited in the solution.

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