Write a blog post analyzing your chosen familial trend

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Write a blog post analyzing your chosen familial trend which is ELDER ABUSE....using the three relevant sociological perspectives: conflict perspective, structural functionalism perspective, and symbolic interactionism perspective. Sociologists use paradigms, or sociological theories, to help explain social life. For example, a functionalism theorist might look at the changing mealtime experience in purely structural terms. Quite simply, a family may be unable to coordinate its schedule to allow for time together at a common meal because of work, technology, and other commitments. However, a symbolic interactionist may analyze this changing family dynamic by asking how families have come to define food and communication. A conflict theorist might point to disparities and hunger as core reasons families are not eating meals together. This blog post will serve to help you look at your familial topic from the three core sociological perspectives and will be useful to you as you compose your magazine article's section on theory.

Reference no: EM131134939

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