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Please answer each question thoroughly and insert citations within text and at the end add references if used.

Case activity 8.1 The Best - Laid Plans is in the different attachment

Case Study

The Best-Laid Plans

Read - The Best-Laid Plans in Management of Human Service Programs and answer the following questions:

• What is the mission of the ASC?

• If you were in Katherine Wilson's shoes, what steps would you take next? Would you write a proposal for a country retreat or try to convince the board to stay with the plan that had already been developed? What are the pros and cons of each?

• If Pratt's point of view does win out, how should Wilson deal with the planning committee?

• Choose one program idea (one of the four in the organizational plan or the retreat center) and develop goals and objectives for it; then prepare a line item budget to accomplish the goals and objectives

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A brief overview of the planning and actions of the Mission of Allenville Senior Center who work towards the upliftment of the senior citizens to provide them a better life.

Reference no: EM13966946

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