Would you recommend that alison keep operating
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Assessment Type: Case Study -2500 word report -individual assessment.

Purpose: To allow students to begin to apply the knowledge and skills of the subject to a real world example. This assessment supports and relates to Learning Outcomes a, b, c and e found in the Subject Outline.

Topic: Students are required to read the case study attached.

Schaper, M,.Volery,T,.Weber,P,. & Gibson, B,.(2014)

Entrepreneurship and Small Business 4th ed.Cornwall: Wiley

Task Details:

Case Study on Bespoke Threads-tailor-made for success;

After reading the case study attached;

1. Would you recommend that Alison keep operating as she is, or should she expand via franchising? Explain your reasons.

2. What are some of the personal problems of growing the business further?

3. Is Alison more likely to fail than a bespoke clothing business operating out of a shop? Why?

Research: Students need to support their analysis with reference from the text and a minimum of eight (8) suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sources - check with your tutor if unsure of the validity of sources.

Those seeking Credit or above grades should support their analysis with an increased number of reference sources. As a guide 12 for credit and 15 for Distinction.

This implies evidence of research is found within your work not merely the cutting and pasting of references to pad out the submission.

Attachment:- Case.rar


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This report emphasizes the modern competitive market trend, where business expansion is often crucial to retain the strong market position. this report is analysed based on the case study of Alison's startup business. questions have been addressed regarding the concept of the franchise business, as well as employability of appropriate entrepreneurship attribute. advantages and disadvantages of different business form, entrepreneurship tactics have been briefly demonstrated to enlighten a strategic recommendation for Alison.

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    Due Date: Week 6 — 5.00pm, Friday 17'h August. Research based— see Research Requirements below; Subject Outline. Value: 20% Submission: Electronic submission — upload a Word .doc or .docx Sources such as Wiki..., scribed, docstoreetc. are not considered acceptable sources and should not be used — reliance on such sources will result in a Fail grade.

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