Would this method be acceptable for income-tax purposes

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A property has an initial value of $50,000, service life of 20 years, and final salvage value of $4000. It has been proposed to depreciate the property by the text-book declining-balance method. Would this method be acceptable for income-tax purposes if the income-tax laws do not permit annual depreciation rates greater than twice the minimum annual rate with the straight-line method?

Reference no: EM131061569

What is the conversion for a 300 k operating temperature

For a reactor space time of 10 min, what is the conversion for a 300 K operating temperature? What is the conversion at 500 K? (Remember: the equilibrium constant depends on

Calculate the heat loss per unit length for a calm day

For the conditions of part (a), calculate the heat loss with a 20-mm-thick layer of insulation (k = 0.08 W/m· K). Would the heat loss change significantly with an appreciabl

Calculate the enthalpy and entropy of the mixture

A batch of natural has contains 93% by mol methane with the rest being mostly ethane. Use the SRK equation to estimate the volume of tank needed to store 100 kg of this natu

What are the potential failure mechanisms

Discuss the criteria that you would use to determine  the required dimentions of this device. What are the potential failure mechanisms? What materials might be appropria

Make a thermodynamic analysis of this process

If the higher-pressure steam expands in a turbine of 78% efficiency and the lowerpressure steam is compressed in a machine of 75% efficiency. Make a thermodynamic analysis o

Compute the pull on the plunger for g = 1.25 cm

Neglect leakage and fringing, and consider the iron to be infinitely permeable. The coil has 1000 turns and carries a direct current of 3 A. Compute the pull on the plunger

The boiler at atmospheric pressure

A boiler is fired using 200 kg /hr of pure saturated hydrocarbon gas ( Cn Hm ) at atmospheric pressure and 20 oc. The dry analysis of the flue gas which

What is the temperature of the gases leaving the reactor

If the gases enter the reactor at 348.15 K (75"C), if conversion is 80%, if no side reactions occur, and if the reactor operates adiabatically, what is the temperature of th


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