Would they stay or move to a more suitable environment

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Organisms in Your Biome

In this assignment, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that exhibits the different organisms in your current biome.

Include the following in your presentation:

• Describe Your Own Environment

Consider the natural environment or biome found in the geographic area where you currently live. For example, if you live in the Midwest, the natural biome for this area is the grassland. If you live in Alaska you are likely to live in either the tundra or the boreal forest. Describe the main features of the biome found in your geographic area. Include features such as the environment (moisture, temperature) and any topographic features that would influence the climate (mountains, large bodies of water, etc.).

• Identify Ten Organisms

Make a list identifying at least ten organisms-at least five plants and five animals-that live in your biome, and describe how these organisms interact with one another. For example, is the relationship competitive or symbiotic?

• Describe Each Organism and its Environmental Needs

In the speaker notes section in your presentation, briefly describe these ten organisms and the type of conditions-that is, moisture, warm temperatures, or a type of plant-they need in order to survive. Be sure to include the interactions between these organisms and the resources they need to survive. You may wish to use various tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint to visually depict these relationships.

• Hypothesis of a New Environment

Consider a situation where the temperature of the climate was to increase by an average of ten degrees Celsius. Address the following:

o How would these organisms survive if the temperature warmed up this much?
o Would they stay or move to a more suitable environment?
o Would a new species move in?
o How would migratory species be impacted?
o What would happen to your biome?

Now, consider if your biome changes with the temperature shift. Address the following:

o What types of plants and animals do you think would live there?
o What will happen to the rarer species? Will they cease to exist?
o Identify five plants and five animals that you feel would inhabit this warmer area.
o Describe this new ecosystem and the new interactions that will most likely exist.

• Additional Topics to Include

o How would environmental management practices change in your area?
o Would this drastic shift in temperature impact culture and society in your area?
o Would you still choose to live in this area after a drastic shift in temperature? Give reasons to support your answer.

Use pictures from the Internet to represent your chosen species, and give credit to these Web sites. Support your statements with 3-5 credible sources.

Reference no: EM131261760

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