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Question: Professional Assignment 2 - CLO 4

Answer the following questions using: (a) shoes, (b) barbecue grill, (c) car, (d) toaster, (e) iPad, and (f) adopting a pet from a shelter.

1. How important are reference groups to the purchase of the above-mentioned products or activities? Would their influence also affect the brand or model? Would their influence be informational, normative, or identification? Justify your answers.

2. What reference groups would be relevant to the decision to purchase the product or activity (based on students on your campus)?

3. What are the norms of the social groups of which you are a member concerning the product or activity? Describe the norms involved and the sanctions for not conforming.

4. Could Asch-type situation be used to sell the product or activity?

(Note: As a minimum, the textbook and eight additional peer-reviewed sources will be used and referenced


Reference no: EM132184996

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