Would similar structure built today potentially suffer fate
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Part 1

Read the book assigned to you on the group discussion board. You will read one of four books on fires affecting elements of the built environment, covering a wide range of time. Upon completion of the book (and no later than October 14 at 11:30pm) submit a Word document (pdf, .doc, or .docx ONLY) via this turnitin assignment.

Be sure that your report answers the following questions:

1. WHAT BOOK did you read (give a full bibliographic citation)? (attach after report as an appendix)

2. What HAPPENED in this book? You should be able to describe some particulars such as when did the fire occur, what type of structure was it, how severe was it - basically telling the story of the fire. Also, think about the kinds of destruction that are described
- where was there significant damage, and why?

3. Can you CONFIRM that the author is accurate? You will want at least two other sources (only one of which is internet based) that will allow you to opine on whether the author(s) of your book got the big picture, and some specific details, correct. (mixed into the text, not a separate section)

4. How did the built environment influence survival in positive AND NEGATIVE ways? Were there people who owed their survival to elements of the built environment? How so (specific examples)? Were there people who put their faith in elements of the built environment to tragic effect (specific examples)? How did the cultural systems of the day, perhaps as reflected by government agencies or institutions, influence the outcome? Be sure to describe any specific, physical features of the built environment that were directly related to the ability of people to survive the fire, and any specific cultural features that had similar impact.

5. Would a similar structure built today potentially suffer the same fate? Did the fire lead to any changes in either physical or cultural features in buildings built afterwards? Are you safer in buildings now (give specific reasons).

6. Did YOU like this book? Would you recommend it to others? Produce a review of it as an object of entertainment, perhaps using a review of a book in a magazine or newspaper as an example. (0.5 page max)

The overall report will be 5-6 pages in length, not counting any cover, table of contents, or appendices. You should use space-and-a half, 12 point font, 1 inch margins all around. Number your pages. Spelling, grammar, presentation will be graded.

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