Would a manager find the studies of equal value

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The Value of Management Research for Decision-Making.

Write a comparison of how the three examples of management research provided could each inform management decision-making.

- How are the three examples similar or different in their approach to the problem studied?

- How could a manager use the findings and conclusions presented in each example?

- Would a manager find the studies of equal value, or would differences in research approach lead to differences in a study's value for informing management decision-making?

Article - Cross-cultural training and expatriate adjustment: A study of western expatriates in Nigeria by John O. Okpara and Jean D. Kabongo b,1

Article - The effect of ethnic diversity on expatriate managers in their host country by Susan Freeman and Sarah Lindsay

Article - Understanding and supporting the career implications of international assignments by David G. Collings, Noeleen Doherty, Madeleine Luethy and Derek Osborn

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The client has been provided with a solution, which integrated three studies and how important the role has been played by them to improve the statistics of decision making and the effects of the same.

Reference no: EM131143210

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