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You recently began working for a consulting firm that helps assess and apply organizational theories in the workplace. Your first assignment from your newboss is to meet with a new client of the firm to discuss issues they are havingwith motivation, employee absenteeism, and high rates of turnovers. The clientis Joe's Brick, a large company that manufactures products made of brick andstone (e.g., fireplaces, tiles, granite, brick). The client has asked you to draw upa brief report that they can look over before you meet to give them an idea of thethings you will be talking with them about. Your assignment is to create thisbrief report for your client. Your report should be in essay format and becomplete enough that your client can understand your report before they havemet with you for clarification.

Make sure to:1. Identify one theory of motivation or job satisfaction (as discussed in thetext and/or lecture) that you will use to help you through this process.Use this theory to provide the framework for your report.

2. Identify possible reasons for the problems facing Joe's Brick. NOTE: thisis not a real company, but you should act as if you have already donesome research on why the organization is having problems. Also, you donot have to list all possible problems, just the ones you would like tofocus on that relate to your theory.

3. Describe what procedures you will use to identify which of these problemsare occurring.

4. Suggest possible solutions that you will implement based on your(hypothetical) findings that are related to your theoretical framework.

5. Check your grammar, typos, and write your paper in the format of amemo/report to your client.

Reference no: EM131360201

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