Working capital management of infosys limited
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Write a 2500 words research report on "Working Capital Management of Infosys Limited-A Case Study", The report shouls justify with below question:

1. Decribe the structure of working capital

2. study the working capital management with references to liquidity and solvency of the company. 

3. analyze the financial efficiency of the company through ratio analysis. 

4. To study various sources and application of working capital of the company. 

5. To suggest the management on effective working capital management 

Report should be framed as : 

  • Introduction 
  • Research Methodology
  • Limitation of the study
  • An overview of IT Industries
  • International Scenario
  • Concept of Working Capital
  • Classification of Working Capital
  • Kinds of Working Capital
  • Factor determining Working Capital
  • Importance of Working Capital
  • Overview of Infosys Ltd.
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • Suggestions
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography

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