Workforce scheduling problems or logistics problems

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Optimization models are used to solve workforce scheduling problems or logistics problems. If you are to choose from these two, which of them seem to be more difficult to solve?

Reference no: EM132234509

Would you create an ethics and or compliance program

Would you create an ethics and or compliance program and how would you then integrate the mission statement and program throughout your organization? What do you anticipate

Dispute resolution clause

Draft a contract clause regarding one of the following topics:  Dispute Resolution Clause              OR Intellectual Property (IP) Clause regarding ownership of IP

Learning about entrepreneurship

An important part in learning about entrepreneurship is to understand the individual; the entrepreneur. One way to gain a better understanding of these individuals is to rea

Explain how a salesperson is to be paid by commission

explain how a salesperson is to be paid, by commission or salary and Explain the question which would guide applied research versus the question which would guide pure resea

Discuss legality and appropriateness of interview questions

Prepare many interview questions using the behavioral interviewing model and post them to Discussion Board. Discuss and explain the legality and appropriateness of questions.

Using the internet and strayer university databases

Faculty will provide two to three (2-3) companies for you to choose from for this assignment. Using the Internet and Strayer University databases, research the selected co

Fixed factor of production or variable factor of production

a) Is milk a fixed factor of production or a variable factor of production? b) Describe how the increase in the price of milk changes Starbucks' short-run cost curves. c) What

Explain which structure failed to cure unlevel ills

Illustrate what was unlevel trying to do when it introduced a new structure based on business groups in the mid 1990s? Explain why you think which this structure failed to c


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