Women and gender assignment
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Essay : Women and gender assignment

Choose two topics to write on:

1) nelson, Adie(2010) biological, physical and social-psychological perspectives

2) Nancy Mandell (editor) chapter 9 Mothers maintenance of families through market and family care relations page 219-241 (written by Amber Gazso)

3) Edwards, k.e & Jones,s.r (2009) "putting my man fact on": a grounded theory of college mens gender identity development. journal of college student development 50(2), 210-228

4) Nancy Mandell (editor) chapter 8 "from little lady to little old lady: women and aging" page 197-218 (written by Nancy Mandell, Ann Duffy and Susannah Wilson)

It should be in first person's voice. Maximum of 1200 words or 5 pages.

Complete reference list and in text citation.

Argument notes should consist of:




4.Question/Reaction section


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