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Using everything you have learned in this course and without giving your personal opinions or arguments, answer the following question in 700 words or less without using bullet points or outlines. Full sentences are a requirement.

Your close friend, Jane, emails you with this urgent message: “I need your advice quickly and I only trust you to provide it. I have an incredible idea that might allow me to build a lasting and successful business that I can leave for my children. But please understand, I can’t tell you what the idea is since I have to keep it a secret at this time. In gross terms, without the minutia, please tell me everything I should investigate, how it should be investigated, and why that’s the right way to do it to transform my idea to a successful business.”

Please write your response so get the big things covered first and don’t worry about pretty words. Just get your friend what she needs, why she needs it, how to get it, why she should get it that way, and prioritize it. Write your response to Jane.

Reference no: EM131370760

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